Collections is where Crag Supply hand picks gear for exactly what you need so that you can just focus on the climbing!

Each gear set is curated with our collective knowledge so that you can feel assured you're getting great gear.

BEGINNER collection

New to rock climbing? Don't know the difference between a crimp and a sloper? Perfect! We love new climbers, and we're excited for you to start crushing rock. Climbing is hard enough to learn on its own, and you don't have time to sift through all the climbing gear on the planet. Check out our Beginner Collection where we've curated some of the best gear to get started with!

climber on a budget collection

We get it. We're broke too. Here's some of the best climbing gear you can get without burning a hole through your wallet.

sport climbing introduction

Are you ready to clip bolts and fight nasty forearm pump? We've curated a nice set of equipment to get you started sport climbing so you can clip the anchors on your dream project.

bouldering intro collection

Tired of being that guy that always needs to borrow a crash pad? It's time to become the MVP of the boulder field and not a freeloader. We put together a nice collection of bouldering essentials to fully equip and prepare you for the boulder season.